Sting Rays

There are many things to do in the Caribbean but one of those things is swimming with sting rays. I think this was the best thing ever and if you go to Antigua you HAVE TO visit sting ray city, anyway I will tell you our experience.

First things first it was my birthday so me and my family were going to sting ray city. First we took a 40min taxi ride and then 40min later we were at sting ray city 🙂 but then to get to the sting rays we took a 5min boat ride. We docked on a floating dock, yes it was in the middle of the ocean. After we got off the boat you could see sting rays every ware it was incredible also you could go swimming with them.

When I got in I was a bit nervous but soon I was holding a sting ray in my arms.

I do not now how to describe what a sting ray feels like but it was slimy and cold. All was well until one of them bit me!! well it sucked me because sting rays do not have bladed teeth you just feel a pinch and then it let’s go. When you get “bitten” by a sting ray it will hurt but there will be no cut. Fun fact a sting ray bite is sometimes called a love bite so I got another birthday present from an animal.

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