Welcome Aboard!

Antigua, Jolly Harbour. We are here! After so many months of planning, talking, worrying, replanning – we r here. It’s been both wonderful and daunting. The boat is beautiful, but it’s taken more work to shake out the kinks then I expected. But it is coming together and today was a banner day.

Today we visited the beach, and it was sweet to see the boys get their feet wet. I realized that these first few days have been dominated by the boat: generator, waste tanks, gangway, and just getting everything organized and stowed. We need to refocus tomorrow on island life – swim in the ocean, play tennis, get out of the Marina.

We would be sailing this weekend but the wind is up, 20-25 in the afternoon. Not the weather to introduce the family to the boat, which is a disappointment. We did take the boat out today, because we had to empty the poop tanks, and it was starting in the deep end. Docking the boat in the high winds (15kts at 9am) went well enough, with dock side assistance. Archer really dove into it and it’s heart warming to see his eagerness to get into sailing. Three days in we are starting to settle in. The boat is getting sorted and the weather will turn on Sunday. School starts Monday and that will be a real test!

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